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vShare SE install iOS 10: vShare is one of the most popular applications lately for both Android and iOS devices. However, when the iOS updates come in, they generally bring bug fixes and improvements and in very few cases do they bring new features. Only for that reason, you should always update your iOS because you never know what is coming. In the latest update for the application, it is nothing more than to kill the iOS jailbreak. If you have updated accidentally or knowingly, you have lost the chance of jailbreaking your iPhone or other iOS devices in which the update has been done. If you have already jailbroken, you will have lost all the tweaks you downloaded over time with little or almost no hope of getting them back until the next Jailbreak. Of course, you can be somebody who simply does not want to jailbreak their iOS device and for them, there is no problem but you never know when your mind will change. After all, Jailbreak has become a trend among the iOS users because you can use your favorite paid applications as well as games without even paying. You don’t have to buy them you can have it for free if you have jailbroken your phone. Well if you have updated to the latest iOS, it becomes impossible. For that purpose, vShare SE was released.

vShare SE

vShare SE is basically an application which allows you to download the paid applications on the App Store for absolutely free. It is an app installer for installing third-party applications on your iOS devices without jailbreaking it. After it becomes impossible to jailbreak with the latest iOS, vShare SE is your only hope.

It was initially available to only the people who had their iOS devices jailbroken but now it is available for everybody. Basically, it is a loophole in the app store which allowed this application to be installed on any iOS device. There are more than 1 million free apps and games which are absolutely easy to access and the user interface is as simple as anything. There are more than 150 million users worldwide of vShare SE now with an optimised layout and instant updates of apps and games are also available making it a counterpart of the app store.

How to download vShare SE?

1. Open your Safari Browser

2. In the address bar of the browser, type “vsharedownload.com” and click on “Go”.

3. After the page has successfully loaded, locate and tap on the up arrow. The location depends on what iOS device you use.

4. Click on add to home screen

5. Name it vShare SE and then tap on “Add”

6. Exit the Safari and you will find the application named “vShare SE” on your home screen.

Disclaimer: Downloading paid applications and games is actually piracy and vShare does not support it completely. vShare SE is a way of trying new applications and games before you download it from the app store. After all, if you like any application or game, help the developer get revenues also.

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:32 am

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