Vshare Not Working Fix Error – Fix the apps Download Crashing

Vshare Not Working Fix Error – Fix the apps Download Crashing: vShare is one of the most popular apps currently for the iOS which allows you to download paid applications and games for absolutely free. There was a time when this app was only available to the people who have jailbroken their iOS device but now it is available to absolutely everybody using iOS. It is just a loophole in the app store which allows this application to be downloaded by everybody without even requiring the device to be jailbroken. Of course, it is not as easy as downloading an application from the iTunes but it is worth it. You should always read your instructions before downloading vShare.

Vshare Not Working Fix Error

While most people are finding it easy to use this amazing application called vShare, there are many who have been complaining about vShare not working. It is definitely not the issue of the users but the issue of the application itself and this article will help you fix those errors.

vShare SSL Errors

This application is not yet in the most stable form of itself and requires a lot of updates. Many people are finding no problem at all but there are indeed some problems which keep on popping up. These are not very severe problems regarding vShare not working and does not affect the applications you download from this particular app installer.

The first error which can lead to vShare not working is an SSL error which pops up when the download button when it is hit. The message it will convey will along the lines read something like “cannot connect to SSL vShare.apppvv.api” and there are actually three ways to fix this error.

Method 1: Shutdown the Safari browser completely and then closed down any other applications which are open for that time. After doing that, wait for a minute and then do the same process to download vShare yet again.

Method 2: Just like the first method, shut down the Safari browser in which the SSL error popup appeared and then close all the other apps which were open. After that, shut down your iOS device and keep it off for a couple of minutes. Turn it back on and then try the same method to download the application.

Method 3: If both method 1 and method 2 fails, download vShare Helper onto your PC before connecting your iOS device to it. It is a special method to download vShare onto your iOS device and the chances for SSL error is very low or almost negligible.

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vShare keeps crashing

This is one of the biggest issues and complaints regarding vShare not working, as per comments on many websites. There is actually a deep and strong reason behind it. Apple provides company owners with certificates so that they can put their own applications on the iOS devices they present without having to put those applications on the app store. vShare, on the other hand, uses expired certificates and because of that reason, Apple regularly blocks them.

If the application is not using a genuine certificate, it is meant to crash and vShare indeed uses expired and invalid certificates and that’s why it keeps crashing. That, however, does not mean that the application will keep on crashing many times because the developers are actually working on this issue. They are constantly renewing their certificates it makes use of and that is helping as well.

You cannot fix this problem and all you can do when this happens is, delete vShare and start again. This means that you have to reinstall those applications which you have downloaded via vShare. This is not a very convenient option, but can’t help it. If you were facing this problem, you now know why is vShare not working on your iOS device

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:32 am

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