vShare iOS 10.3.3

vShare iOS 10.3.3- We all know about Cydia. It is basically the home to many cool applications for the iOS. vShare happens to be one of the very famous applications available on Cydia. Now, vShare iOS 10.3.3 is recently released and it is already a super hit. The whole vShare series has served the purpose of an app installer.

The iOS 10 is prone to many troubles while jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is basically the iOS version of rooting. There has been constant updates to the iOS 10 which significantly slowed down the jailbreaking process. This is the reason why many users are not willing to jailbreak their iPhone.

The availability of applications is not much for the iOS. Many of the iOS applications and games are paid and that is the reason why jailbreaking is very famous. By jailbreaking you can download free applications as well as install Android applications. There are many who are willing to jailbreak just for the sake of downloading more apps. But the point is, they are miserably failing because of the security provided by iOS 10.3.3.

Many people are missing out on getting their favourite paid apps for free. Taking that into mind, vShare iOS 10.3.3 was released. You can download the vShare app without even jailbreaking your Apple device. This means that absolutely anyone can use the application to download paid apps for free. Even better, the vShare 10.3.3 is made available when it was needed the most.

How to download vShare iOS 10.3.3?

Method 1: By using Safari Browser.

If you want to download the vShare iOS 10.3.3 using your Safari Browser, follow these steps.

1. Open the Safari Browser on your iOS device.

vshare ios 10
2. You will find the address bar. Enter “vsharedownloadios.com” in it. This will lead you to the official website of vShare. The official website contains all the versions of vShare. In this case, we want to download the vShare iOS


3. On the screen, you will have an “up” arrow. It might be on the top or in the bottom depending on the device you are using. Find the “up” arrow and click on it.

4. You will have an option of “add to home screen”. Tap on that.


5. To give the icon a new name, click on the first dialog box. Type “vShare” and then click on the add button on the right top corner.

6. After doing so, if you close the Safari browser and go to the home screen, you will find vShare created. The application with the icon will be available and you can open it to access the app installer. After entering the app, you can have the paid apps and games you wanted for free.

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Method 2: vShare Helper.

The vShare helper is actually a unique tool which is designed to make the downloading process much easier. It can be done by using your computer. It is basically a one key installation which is very easy to carry out.

vshare helper

Method 3: AppVV.

AppVV is the repository and home to vShare- the popular app on Cydia. You have to jailbreak your iOS device to download the Cydia iOS 10.3.3. After that you have to add AppVV Repo to Cydia. After adding, you will be given the accessibility to the vShare iOS 10.3.3.

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:33 am

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