vShare iOS 10.3.2

vShare iOS 10.3.2 ¬†Download – vShare is one of the most popular downloading app available for iOS which has recently launched it’s version 10.3.2 which is available for download. The vShare iOS v10.3.2 downloading process is listed down in this article.¬†vShare is the most popular app installer on Cydia. Before vShare was released people were missing out many of the paid apps which they wanted to avail for free. We all know that iOS is one of the most authentic operating systems where all the apps are available from authentic and verified developers.

vShare iOS v10.3.2

People were jailbreaking their iOS 10.3.2 just to use their favorite paid apps. vShare iOS 10.3.2 allows everyone to download their favorite games and apps for free. This new version- vShare iOS v10.3.2 is now available to all the iOS users. No iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak required. Paid games, apps, themes, ringtones and much more are now available for free. Courtesy goes to vShare iOS v10.3.2.

How to download vShare on iOS 10.3.2 without jailbreaking?

There are two main authentic processes of downloading and installing vShare iOS v10.3.2.

Method 1: Using Safari Browser.


Step 1: Open Safari Browser

In any of iPhone you use or the iPad you use, open the Safari Browser. The Safari browser is the native browser provided by Apple. This browser allows you to open WEB pages as well as WAP pages which make it very versatile.

Step 2: Open vshareappdownloadios.com

As mentioned above, the Safari browser is very versatile and can open WAP pages as well as WEB pages. In any of the format of these two, open vshareappdownloadios.com

Step 3: Tap The UP Arrow.

After the page is loaded successfully, you will be opened to the homepage of vsharedownload.com. In this webpage, you can download vShare iOS v10.3.2. In order to download Vshare iOS v10.3.2, you have to click on the up arrow provided on the top or on the bottom of the Safari Browser which you have used to open the website- vshareappdownloadios.com


Step 4: Respond to the pop-up.

After you have clicked on the up arrow provided on your Safari Browser, you will be presented with a pop-up. The pop-up window will give you options such as add bookmark, copy etc. However, all you need to do is find and click on ‘add to home screen’ button.

Step 5: Type the name of the app.

After you have clicked on the ‘add to home screen button’, you will be redirected to a page. This page will be titled ‘Add to home’ and a blank space would be provided for you to fill in. The blank space is actually the name of the app which you wish to use further. After filling in the blank space, click on add which will be provided on the right side. You have now successfully added the app and it’s time that you get out of the Safari Browser.

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Step 6: Checkout for the icon on the homescreen.

If you have provided the name of the app ‘vShare‘, then find vshare on your home screen. If you have given some other name, find an app with the same name. You will see an app created and an icon added to your home screen. This app will then let you explore vShare on your iOS v10.3.2 and will help you download paid games, apps and much more for free.


Method 2: Using vShare Helper.

vShare Helper was developed only to get vShare on your iOS device with as ease as possible. The vShare iOS version 10.3.2 can be installed on your iOS device by the help of vShare helper. The extra device you need is a computer. You need to use a computer to install the app on your iOS device. You have to first download vShare Helper and then go to the links which the app redirects you to.

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:33 am

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