vShare iOS 10.3.1 download

vShare iOS 10.3.1 download proved to be a blessing from an angel in the lives of the people who wanted to use paid apps and games for free. vShare iOS 10.3.1 is actually an app which is a storehouse of games, apps, and themes. The most important part about vShare iOS 10.3.1 is that it provides the paid stuff in App Store for free. This is the characteristic of vShare iOS 10.3.1 which makes it so popular.

The iOS 10 has proved to be one of the most secure versions of the iOS. Steve Jobs always comes with new plans which are more secure and safe. And that makes Apple one of the biggest companies in the world. Jailbreaking iOS 10 was very difficult for the jailbreak teams. Some jailbreakers have however managed to jailbreak iOS 10 but those were not convenient enough. Not everybody could carry it out and it was a risky as well. People very much wanted something which could let them download paid apps for free. And out came vShare app installer for iOS 10.3.1.

The best part is vShare iOS 10.3.1 allows you to download paid apps for free without jailbreaking.

How to download vShare iOS 10.3.1?

1. The first method is by using Safari Browser.


1. Open the Safari Browser from your iOS device and visit vsharedownload.com

2. The homepage of vshareappdownloadios.com will open up. You must then tap on the upward facing arrow on your browser. It might be present on the top or at the bottom.

3. A tab will pop up after you click on the upward facing arrow. This tab will contain various options among which you have to choose ‘add to home screen’.

4. A new page all together will open up with a blank space present in it. The blank space gives us the opportunity to name the app according to our wish. However, for convenience, you should name it vShare. After filling the blank space, click on the add button provided on the top right side of your screen.

vshare-home-screen-large-copy-safari (1)

5. Go back to your home screen and find the app which you have created. This will let you explore, download and install apps from vShare iOS 10.3.1 which are paid on the App store.

2. The second method in the list is using vShare Helper.

The vShare helper was created only to make installing after downloading vShare iOS 10.3.1 on your device easier. As the name suggests, it is a helper and it redirects you to the right path. An extra device is our way required which is a personal computer. A PC is to be used to download and install vShare 10.3.1 to your iOS device through connection via USB cable, Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

vshare helper

3. The third method is using AppVV Repo.

AppVV is actually responsible for the creation of vShare iOS 10.3.1. It is the repository where vShare iOS 10.3.1 is held on Cydia.


To download vShare iOS 10.3.1 using this method, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. After jailbreaking, you have to add the repository ‘AppVV‘ manually as it is not pre-reloaded in Cydia. After that, you will be legible to download vShare iOS 10.3.1

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:33 am

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