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vShare helper download– Jailbreaking is one of the most widely used words in the world of iPhones and iPads. The term jailbreaking refers to getting access to tweaks, mods, and apps. Jailbreaking is used in order to modify the iPhones and iPads. Quite recently, it was believed that the paid games can become available for free only by jailbreaking, but with the release of a new tool, vShare Pro, all these perceptions have become things of the past.

Though jailbreaking is not needed to get this, but the steps to get it installed are not quite as straightforward as just downloading an App from iTunes. But, the good thing is that there is a very effective tool known as vShare Helper that will prove to be of extreme help and benefit.

What is vShare Helper?

vShare Helper is regarded as one of the most important tools these days. With the help of this tool, you can download vShare Pro on your Ios device by simply connecting to your PC running Windows OS. The tool will also help you to back up your files and put the music files squarely into your Music app. In comparison with old vShare, the vShare Professional is quite smoother and once installed, its users will be able to install all types of Apps, ringtones, games, media, etc. on your device or through your PC using vShare Helper.

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Important Steps to Install vShare Helper:

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. Otherwise, vShare professional will not run smoothly.


  • The vShare Helper App run the application after downloading. This procedure does not involve any risk and installs vShare Helper onto your computer kissanime
  • The vShare Helper Wizard will appear on the screen. You can now choose as to where you want to install it to
  • After selecting the IPA File Auto Associate, click in Install


  • Click Go, after the installation gets complete
  • Now, instruction to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer will come—do so

vshare helper

  • On the bottom right corner, a screen will appear. You will notice the vShare icon and beneath it, it should say When complete, it will say Idle and Used Space
  • Now, tap on the blue icon for vShare. It will install vShare Professional onto the Ios device connected to the computer



  • Now, click on the App tab in order to search for Apps and games that you want to install on your device. There is a whole range of both genuine paid and free Apps and jailbreak App to choose from
  • Mind, the tab for Music requires to have iTunes installed—any music downloaded from here will be put straight into your Music App

Steps to Install Apps through vShare Helper

  • Click on the App tab


  • Now, chose the App that you want to install and click on the icon
  • Look on the left hand side menu and tap on App when the download is complete. A list of downloads will appear, now tap on the green arrow beside the app that you want to install
  • Now, when the installation indicator reaches 100{2bca68dd355f588fc49169a34d67ea08fe91e47b2c7d4a7adb5bc9381f1c8288}, the App gets installed on your iOS device and becomes ready for use.
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