How to Uninstall – Delete vShare from iPhone

Jailbreaking is a very important part of the iOS community just like rooting is for the Android community. In the iOS, many of the awesome applications are not available for free and not everybody wants to pay for it. The jailbroken devices are much more favourite than the stock ones only because of the fact that you can install applications which are not available for free on the App Store. Jailbreaking gives you the ultimate freedom to break any barrier that Apple has set on you. You can customise your iOS devices according to how you desire and then install tweaks, applications, pirated applications, themes and much more without even paying. For the exact purpose and the counterpart of jailbreaking, vShare was released. It is basically an application which allows you to download applications and games which are available but paid ones on the App Store, for absolutely free. The best part about it is that the user interface is as simple as the app store and you can download any paid app/game for free, using it. Whenever you don’t feel like using it, you can delete vShare without any hassle whatsoever unlike jailbreaking. Once you have jailbroken your phone, you cannot go back to the stock iOS that simply.

Delete vShare from iPhone

Another problem with jailbreaking is the fact that hackers take a long time to come up with a jailbreak for each iOS version. When the jailbreak is released for that iOS version, an iOS update comes in and then we have to wait for another jailbreak by the hackers for a long time. Hence, for that reason, vShare is my personal best choice. It allows you to download any pirated app or game without even going through all the processes of jailbreaking. Whenever you want, you can install and whenever you want, you can delete vShare and that versatility is my favorite. Moreover, many people do not want to jailbreak their iPhone for security purposes and this app is absolutely perfect for them.

vShare houses a huge collection of pirated iOS apps which you cannot install via the App Store without paying money. They are premium apps available as well just like Minecraft and so on for free. This application can be installed in any iOS device without even jailbreaking it. It is not even illegal and a loophole in the iOS App Store made it available to everybody without jailbreak. Otherwise earlier, it was only available to iOS devices which were jailbroken. xmodgames

Now, sometimes you feel like you should not use pirated apps and play pirated games, you can delete vShare. The process is very simple and it is just like uninstalling any other app.

How to uninstall and delete vShare?

1. Unlock your iOS device and find where the application named “vShare” is located on your home screen.

2. Don’t click on the icon because you do not require to open it.

3. Tap and hold the “vShare” app icon until it starts wiggling.

4. A cross will appear just above the wiggling “vShare” app and you have to click on it.

5. A popup will appear and it will ask if you are sure to delete vShare.

6. Click on delete to complete the process and delete vShare from the iOS device.

Video: Here is the step by step tutorial of the above process explained

Updated: November 13, 2019 — 7:32 am

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