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How to Uninstall – Delete vShare from iPhone

Jailbreaking is a very important part of the iOS community just like rooting is for the Android community. In the iOS, many of the awesome applications are not available for free and not everybody wants to pay for it. The jailbroken devices are much more favourite than the stock ones only because of the fact… Read More »

vShare SE install iOS 10

vShare SE install iOS 10: vShare is one of the most popular applications lately for both Android and iOS devices. However, when the iOS updates come in, they generally bring bug fixes and improvements and in very few cases do they bring new features. Only for that reason, you should always update your iOS because… Read More »

VShare iOS 11.1.1

VShare iOS 11.1.1: The most anticipated application for iPhone particularly for those gadgets that can’t jailbreak for the time being. The users who wanna appreciate some jailbreak applications without getting hands into Cydia application installer can install vShare most recent form on their iPhone for nothing. The real advantages of this application are that it… Read More »

vShare VIP 2019 (Updated)

vShare VIP 2019- vShare is using as a jailbreak if we want to get paid apps and video games for free, even though we do have a new jailbreak now, known as you jailbreak, but this jailbreak is not for everyone. In this page, you will get paid app and Video game for free for… Read More »

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vShare iPad

vShare iPad- New games and Apps are coming out in abundance on a day-to-day basis. Not a single day passes when the new version does not come. Moreover, iTunes is packed with them, but sometimes it does seem that for some people it is prohibitively expensive. Though some people take out the solution by jailbreaking… Read More »

How to download vShare iOS 11.0.3 version

How to download vShare iOS 11.0.3 version: vShare, is one of the popular application, that is available to use on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. This application is widely used, hence it is coming in updated versions. The updated version of the vShare application is vshare 11.3, while the previous one that is vshare… Read More »

vShare Mac

vShare Mac is regarded as the best alternative to Cydia for your iPhone or iPad running ios 9.3.3 or ios 10. There are a number of reasons why people want to jailbreak their devices. One of the convincing reasons is that jailbreaking allows the users to modify their devices as per their personal preferences and… Read More »

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vShare Pro Download

vShare Pro Download– If your iPhone or iPad has running ios 9.3.3 or ios 10, the vShare Pro Mac is the best alternative to Cydia. There could be a number of reasons why people feel the necessity to jailbreak their devices. But, one of the plausible reasons is definitely that jailbreaking helps you modify your… Read More »

vShare Apple

vShare Apple- We have seen Apple jailbreak, it is not the same as the jailbreaks we’re used to and may be used by every person. Meaning there are those users who’re lacking out on paid apps at no cost like we used to get through appcake and install0us. Fortunately, we do not have any other alternative that… Read More »