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vShare APK Download for Android Mobile Phone

vShare APK Download for Android Mobile Phone: vShare is just another app market available for the Android devices as well as the iOS devices presenting to you a list of applications. vShare, however, is a lot different than the Google Play Store or the App Store on the Apple devices. It can be installed on… Read More »

vShare iOS 11

vShare iOS 11: There was a time when vShare used to be one of the most popular application but could only be downloaded from Cydia. Downloading from Cydia basically, means that you have to jailbreak your iPhone or any other iOS device. vShare iOS 11 download, however, does not require a Jailbreak at all. It… Read More »

vShare iOS 10.3.3

vShare iOS 10.3.3- We all know about Cydia. It is basically the home to many cool applications for the iOS. vShare happens to be one of the very famous applications available on Cydia. Now, vShare iOS 10.3.3 is recently released and it is already a super hit. The whole vShare series has served the purpose… Read More »

vShare PC

vShare PC- There are a number of attributes that are associated with the vShare pro. Those who use it opine that it is the best alternative to Cydia and importantly it does not require any kind of jailbreak. In the present article, you will read as to how to install vShare Pro PC. Till recently… Read More »

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vShare iOS 10.3.2

vShare iOS 10.3.2  Download – vShare is one of the most popular downloading app available for iOS which has recently launched it’s version 10.3.2 which is available for download. The vShare iOS v10.3.2 downloading process is listed down in this article. vShare is the most popular app installer on Cydia. Before vShare was released people were… Read More »

vShare helper download

vShare helper download– Jailbreaking is one of the most widely used words in the world of iPhones and iPads. The term jailbreaking refers to getting access to tweaks, mods, and apps. Jailbreaking is used in order to modify the iPhones and iPads. Quite recently, it was believed that the paid games can become available for… Read More »

vShare iOS 10.3.1 download

vShare iOS 10.3.1 download proved to be a blessing from an angel in the lives of the people who wanted to use paid apps and games for free. vShare iOS 10.3.1 is actually an app which is a storehouse of games, apps, and themes. The most important part about vShare iOS 10.3.1 is that it… Read More »

vShare iOS 10

vShare iOS 10– For all those Cydia users who just updated to iOS 10, there is both good and bad news. Talking about good news, the updated ios will help you make free of all the bugs that its previous versions had. But, the bad news is that there are no jailbreak tweaks that are… Read More »

How to Uninstall – Delete vShare from iPhone

Jailbreaking is a very important part of the iOS community just like rooting is for the Android community. In the iOS, many of the awesome applications are not available for free and not everybody wants to pay for it. The jailbroken devices are much more favourite than the stock ones only because of the fact… Read More »