vShare Download 2018

vShare App Download – vShare Apple draws a tight net around its IOS environment vShare and this is one of the important reasons why it does not allow each and every App in the App Store. The App Store in Ios, unlike the play store for Android, is monitored very minutely and closely and after a comprehensive and continuous evaluation only the clean and original Apps gets listed in the App Store and the users are strictly prohibited to download Apps from anywhere else. But, as there is the solution of any problem there is the way to bypass every security norms. And luckily we have quite been able to escape this security check by jailbreaking our iOS devices. It is never easy as it sounds. It requires thoughtful planning and careful preparation. And even with that level of strategy very few people actually become able to achieve it. Given the difficulty and risks that are in jailbreaking, hundreds of thousands of people just drop the very idea of jailbreaking their iPads and iPhones. But, the benefits of jailbreaking are numerous. All those who become able to do it can install the premium Apps for free. And it is a great plus for them.

But, all those who are not able to jailbreak the Ios device, no longer need to feel dejected and rejected. It is simply because even they can enjoy the pirated apps. And the one thing that has made it all possible is vShare. With its help, even the non-jailbroken Ios devices can now enjoy pirated apps.

 What is vShare?


VShare refers to a pirated app store for non-jailbroken Ios devices. It is of substantial use for all those users who though do not want to jailbreak, but they are quite willing to download the pirated apps to their Ios devices. Though the security of App Store was known to be impregnable, the highly skilled, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced makers of the store have been able to find its loophole and create a vast store of the pirated iPhone apps, downloadable on non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

How Does vShare Work?

As per the opinions expressed by some researchers, Apple allows companies to make their own Apps that are meant for the exclusive use of their employees. It costs a company $299 in order to get a special license from Apple and to be associated with the Apple Developer Enterprise program.

How Does vShare Work

But, interestingly even though such Apps are not listed on the App Store, the users of iPad and iPhone can still be able to download those apps on their devices since the App certificate is still maintained by the Apple servers.

The makers of vShare have procured these certificates in a quest to create a pirated app store within the app. You can easily download vShare on your device. It is equally easy to uninstall too. The good thing is that in case you want to get rid of it, later on, you can remove vShare from your Ios device. But, the removal of vShare will not be needed, as once you install vShare, you will want it again and again.

Is Vshare Legal?

Simply put, vShare is a pirate app store that works on all the devices, no matter whether these are jailbroken or not. Contrary to the popular belief vShare is perfectly legal as there is the loophole in App store security. You can vShare Download, but mind you must do so prior to Apple patches up the hole.

How to Download vShare :

Given below is the method that is widely used to vShare Download. If you strictly follow the methods given below, you will be able to download vShare with amazing ease. This method is known as Safari method.

Safari Method

  1. Take your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and go the Safari browser


2. Now, pay a visit to the vShare website by using the address vshareappdownloadios.com


3. After the page opens on your mobile, tap on the Up arrows by going to the bottom of the screen, as displayed in the image here.


4. Tapping on the Up arrows will display a window of options. In this window choose “Add to Home Screen


5. Now, rename the app icon as vShare and tap on Add on Add on top right corner, in the very next page.

vshare_safari6. In the next page , rename the app icon as vShare and tap on Add on top right corner.

7. Your vShare App Icon is now installed on your ios device.


Video : We are providing step by step Guiding of the above process explained